"Remote": the path to work transformation

Just over a year ago the world took a 180 ° turn that caused changes in people's lives both in daily life and in their work life. The one that many were used to in person every day and that suddenly the confinement forced them to find a way to reinvent it.

Remote work came into the lives of those who did not know it, or they thought they would never have to work this way, who thought that "their" work was impossible to do outside of an office and with time they were realizing how wrong they were.

This methodology has been implemented for quite some time in the world of computing or for people who dared to be part of multinationals from the comfort of their home, and little by little it had begun to spread to other areas, demonstrating all the benefits that this modality brings to companies and employees.

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The pandemic produced in just one year, a leap forward that was planned for many years later in this transition in the way of working that was taking place in the world.

At Virtual Remote Partner we are a totally remote company that was already anticipating a new look, eager to grow and improve the lives of many before change began to be part of everyone's daily lives (or many).

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That's our motto, and it is the reason why we dedicate each day to demonstrating how our lives can improve only if each of us is willing to see beyond. This transformation is about knowing that just as we can find the job of our dreams and work in the country we always dream of, without leaving our home or family behind, it also involves a huge personal reinvention, that needs to be accompanied by growth as a society and in the habits with which we have always lived.

There were many myths and noises regarding this topic, great prejudices on the part of society that, in the face of fear of the new and unknown, does not dare to make that change, but we believe that each day breaks and leads to new opportunities.

Remote work gave many people the ability not to lose their job due to restrictions, continue your passion, grow together
to a company that wants to expand its barriers to countries around the world and also continue to support their families.

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About us, in Virtual Remote Partner, we will always support all that we believe is best for the life of each of those who are and are not part of us, and that is why we wanted to share with everyone this opinion and way of life that we carry forward.

And just to illustrate, We leave you some photos that show our "Virtual" spaces, our "virtual" meetings and each of our "virtual" days.


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