4/3 model: Working less days but producing more. We are joining!

Digital transformation has certainly taken a stride forward together, with huge changes in the world of work that would have been unthinkable before.

Nowadays, more and more businesses have their eyes caught in a new working mode already applied by major companies, mainly in the software development world:: a four-day working week..

This doesn’t mean that employees will continue to have the same number of hours in less days, or a salary reduction; it means being able to provide people with the opportunity to learn to manage their own time and their own activities to rearrange them in a shorter week. Thus, having an extra day off.

As any other change, it requires a process of adaptation, learning and reorganization, but it would be a welcome change!

Is it all about working less and producing the same?

The workload will remain as usual, weekly objectives will be as before, but the time it will take you to do them will be less, That is why we present it as a learning process that will help you to adapt to it. So, to answer the question: Yes! You’ll be working less time and, producing more !.

Anyhow, this idea is not quite new for some of us who already have flexible working hours. Sometimes, there are tasks that take less time than expected, some other times, they take longer, but we are used to balancing that time during the day.

It is demonstrated that flexible working arrangements allow to increase productivity, profitability, a more sustainable future and above all, Well-being!

And how important is the latter! being able to rest more, to have a trip over a long weekend without any hustle, have more time to do the housework, to share with family and friends, to make some errands that otherwise you couldn’t in a normal workday, “and to reach ” a new Monday full of energy and with your mind free..

It is proved that extra spare time allows the mind to be clearer, thus increasing concentration and, therefore, productivity. As an example of this, in 2019, Microsofttried out the 4-day working week in Japan, and the result was a productivity increase of 40%!

As we constantly say, people always come first, , and the well-being of each and every member of Virtual Remote Partner will be the reason that encourages us to keep betting for changes that help us be better, so that our collaborators choose every single day to stay and work with us..

For us, as a company, it means a huge adaptation process as well..

In Virtual Remote Partner, we have decided to implement the free Friday programme, due to start in August this year. Our main goal, goal is to contribute to the wellness of each of our collaborators. In a near future, we'll add an e-learning Friday , so that our company members can take advanced classes in any subject they consider necessary adapting it to the strategic plan of their leaders. These methods will be applied progressively until we have covered every week of the month. We are doing this with the main purpose of improving the quality of life of the people that work in Virtual and also because we want to be a part of the world's progressive change in which people's mental health and wellness will highly improve..


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